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NGBS Green Certified Home

Preserve at Westfields is designed and built to meet rigorous standards for energy efficiency, water conservation, and resource management. Some of the sustainability features that contribute to this certification include energy efficient lighting, appliances, and proper insulation, as well as air sealing and tight air ducts to reduce drafts and improve indoor air quality. By choosing to live in an NGBS certified apartment, you can enjoy the benefits of a more comfortable, efficient, and environmentally friendly home.

Improved Air Quality & Energy Efficiency

Low-VOC materials: limits emissions of pollutants and improves indoor air quality
Properly installed insulation and air sealing: eliminates cold spots in a home and excess heating costs
Tight air ducts: eliminates unevenly hot or cold rooms and excess moisture and dust
Energy efficient lighting and appliances to reduce energy costs
Low-E windows that help regulate the temperature in your home

Energy Efficient Lighting

Uses less energy, generates less heat, and saves money.

Energy Efficient Appliances

Use less energy and water and reduce utility costs.

Tight Air Ducts

Eliminates unevenly hot or cold rooms and excess moisture and dust in a home.

Properly Installed Insulation & Air Sealing

Eliminates cold spots in a home and excess heating costs, maximizing your comfort and savings.

Low-VOC materials

Limits emissions of pollutants in the home and improves indoor air quality.

Low-flow plumbing fixtures

Save water and reduce costs

Low-E windows

Water & Resource Efficiency

Advanced framing techniques that help conserve natural resources and reduce waste
Water efficient plumbing fixtures to cut down on water waste
Walkable community: easy access to transit, neighborhood amenities, and services. Part of a healthier, more active lifestyle.

Car Charging Stations

Preserve at Westfields is committed to sustainable living, and one way we support this goal is through our vehicle charging stations.
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